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Cuttable Non-waterproof Flexible SMD LED Strip 3528 nartural white

Item No.: SMD 3528 DC12V
Size: 8mm
Voltage: 12V
Power: 14W
Supply: yellow/red/blue/green/warm white/pure white/cool white

LED Type:3528
Input Voltage:DC12V
Beam Angle:120°
Circuit  board material: Yellow Flexible PCB with 3M adhesive at Its back
LED Beads quantity:60pcs/m
Warranty:2 years


1、Energy saving, Environment protection ,low-power consumption,
2、Low heating, high brightness, Stable, uniform illumination, long lifespan,
3、Complete cut / connection accessories
4、No need of constant-current power feed.


1、 Cove lighting

2、 Architectural lights for place of recreation,cinema,canopy,corridor,groggery advertisement lightbox and so on

3、 Backlight or edge lighting for signage

4、 Path and contour marking

5、 Decorative lights for holiday,event,show,exhibition


1、 The strip itself and all Its components may not be mechanically stressed.

2Please tear the adhesive at its back when you installing the LED strip. It’s convenient and reliable.

3、 The LED beads and resistance should be avoided being fixed in the bend of the LED strip in case the weld gets loose or some of the beads won’t light.

4You should pay attention to the maximum current of the circuit board when matching power supply of the adapter. Then consider the series and parallel connection. Parallel connection is recommended for routine use. The length of the connecting line is mustn’t be longer than 5m when in series in case to avoid the voltage is not enough to cause the lamp to become dim.





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