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3LEDs SMD 5730 Waterproof Injection Module Blue

Item No.: ZGX7512-3F5730B
Size: 75*12*5.3mm
Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 0.72W
Supply: Pink,Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,Warm white,Cool White


LED type:5730

LED quantity:3pcs

Color Rendering Index(Ra):70-80

Internal protection:IP65

Length of connecting wire:80MM

Shell material: ABS anti-static




1、 High brightness, excellent chip, low light-declining, uniform illumination.

2、 Environment protection, low-power consumption ,long lifespan.

3、 3M adhesive at its back in case to install convenient.

4、 Fireproof, waterproof, fast heat, performance stable.



1、 Advertisement light-box, channel lettering, sign, backlight and other advertising illumination.

2、 Hotel, KTV, supermarket, landscape layout, stage decor, city lighting.

3、 Shoe cabinet, wardrobe, exhibition, show, event and so on.



1、  The power supply should be based on the characteristics of the LED module to adjust the output voltage. The voltage mustn’t be arbitrarily regulated when the LED module is working.

2、 The LED modules of our company are all low voltage products, so AC 220V isn’t recommended. The length of  the power wire is as short as possible.

3、 Pay attention to the anode and cathode when installing the LED modules.

4、 The loops should be as many as possible when the LED modules installing in the attracts models the character or light-box, and the number of modules in series as far as possible, not more than 40 groups.  

5、 The spacing of the LED module can be adjusted according to the actual situation such as brightness and module size.  The number of each square is generally between 50-100 groups  .You should notice the uniform illumination and the brightness requirement when you are layouting the LED modules. The distance between the module and the font is generally 2-5 cm, The vertical and horizontal distance between the modules is recommended as 2-6cm  .

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