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SMD 3528 pure white LED

Item No.: 3528 pure white
Size: 35*28
Voltage: 3.0-3.4V
Power: 0.06W
Supply: red, yellow, blue, green, pink,parme,golden yellow,warm white,natural white, pure white,cool white

Rated current:20mA
Color rendering index:70-80
Chip brand:San An
Chip size: 8*11mil
wire material:gold thread
timbering material:copper


1.Low calorific value ,high luminance,low voltage drive,strong anti-static abilit

2.Out of even light soft luminosity

3.Environment protection long service life

4.A wide range of color temperature, color purity, high color light, good directivity

5.The use of silica gel package, in line with the environmentally friendly lead-free process product requirements


Indoor lighting: fluorescent lamp, lamp strip, advertisement board, decorative lighting, metal plate hard lamp, automobile interior auxiliary lighting, other lighting and display class.


1.Before opening the package

At a temperature of not more than 40 degrees Celsius and humidity is not more than 90%rh conditions, LED can be stored for a year, in the storage time, it is recommended to use desiccant bags with the packaging.

2.After opening the package

Led needs to store at 40 DEG C <=60%rh relative humidity conditions, we strongly suggest you from opening the package to the completed patch the whole process is completed within a week.

If there is no use of the remaining led, we propose to re use the factory when the moisture agent, and the need to re seal.

If the desiccant is out of date, please put the LED in the oven at 65 degrees C for 12 hours.


The product performance is stable, wide range of applications, to provide technical support for the late, the package (2 years warranty), perfect after-sales service, professional team to provide technical solutions. If there is a specification requirements, please contact us.

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