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3030 LED backlighting module

Item No.: ZGX4530-3030
Size: 45*30*7.6mm
Voltage: DC12V
Power: 2W


LED Type:3030
LED Quantity:1
Input Current: 0.167A
Drive mode:Constant current
Surface temperature: <44℃
Working temperature: -20~+45℃
Storage temperature: -30~+60
Internal protection:IP65
CCT: 3000K/6000 K
Luminous flux: 140lm/160lm
Rendering index:80
Viewing angle:170


1.Expanded better do better by 3030 SMD beads as the light source with heat sink substrate and thermal conductivity;
2. Led by custom level 3 chip package, light efficiency is high;
3. The constant current drive, can keep the whole series of products brightness, more stability;
4. The aluminum substrate for LED lamp beads and a constant current device carrier and heat dissipation performance;
5. Secondary optical design, the light angle of 170 degrees, no spot, color uniformity;
6. Sealing good, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, anti impact, the protection level of IP65;
7. The use of PVC injection molding technology, novel style, beautiful and generous;
8. All the raw materials are in line with ROHS standard.
9.The service life of more than 35000 hours, the use of the process failure rate is extremely low.


1.suitable for 6-12cm thickness of the back light emitting words and light boxes.
2.is recommended for the best use of 8cm thickness of the luminous words and light boxes.

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