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3 LEDs SMD 5050 Glue Waterproof Moudle Yellow

Item No.: ZGX7512-3F5050Y
Size: 75*12*5.3mm
Voltage: 12V
Power: 0.72W
Supply: red, yellow, blue, green, warm white,cool white


LED Quantity:3
Color Rendering Index(Ra):70
Connection length:85mm
Shell Material: Anti static, anti PC, UV plastic 

Classification of waterproof:IP65



1.The high bright LED is a light emitting element, using epoxy resin LED lamp bead is completely sealed, can achieve full waterproof function, but also has good heat dissipation, is a new generation of green high-tech products. At present, there are red, yellow, blue, green, white, colorful, six kinds of color, the angle of light high in 120 DEG; while maintaining the original super high brightness based on, at the same time with light color and moist, consistency and good characteristics. 

2.Using constant voltage constant current design, DC12V low-voltage power supply, high heat silicon or epoxy resin potting to low temperature, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion effect, waterproof grade for ip65. 

3.Using high and low temperature energy optimal coarse cold to be able to bear or endure high temperature lines silicone wire connection and installation is simple and quick fixing groove, the screw can be fixed, can also be used double-sided adhesive paste, the material design to ensure safety in transportation and installment. 



Widely used in three-dimensional light-emitting words, signs, light boxes, landscape layout and decor, paint, plastic, etc. all kinds of lighting facilities in the light source is ideal for acrylic signs identification lamp, indoor and outdoor decoration can be used. 



1.Led in the presence of positive and negative points, installation note power port wiring must be corresponding to the positive and negative poles, if positive and negative reverse connection module will not shine, it will not damage the LED module, as long as the switch can be normal. 

2. When installing the LED module, require the use of double-sided adhesive or wood glue, the module card slot and a suction plastic bottom plate firmly pasted. When using double-sided adhesive, must add glass sealant, otherwise in outdoor prolonged exposure to sunlight, causing module off. Remember! 

3. LED module with low voltage input, so not without power supply and direct access to the 220V, otherwise it will cause the module to burn.

4. Power port outlet module series group the number of not more than 50 group, otherwise end module will because the voltage decay, resulting in reduced brightness. Although form a loop can avoid attenuation phenomena, but also should not connect too many modules. 

5. Without water treatment of the LED module, installed in the font or box, should prevent rain water into the font or box. 

6. Module spacing can be adjusted according to the requirement of the brightness, each square cloth point the best control in group 50~100. 

7. Do not push, push, push module on the device, so as not to cause the destruction of the device, affecting the overall effect. 

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